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Photo Guidelines

Our artists work directly from the photo you supply so try to send the best quality photo available so that we can capture all the details that make your pet unique. 

Tip #1 - Original Photos

It's important to upload original, high-quality photos. Remember, quality photos = quality artwork.

Important details get lost in smaller images, screenshots, and photos with filters applied. So always upload the original, unedited photo for the best result.

Tip #2 - Lighting

Good lighting is important. Make sure your pet's face isn't shadowed or shaded.

The best photos are taking outside in daylight, or in a well lit room.

Tip #3 - Face Position

Your pet's face is going to be all over this thing! Try to capture them at their best angle.

Photos of your pet sitting or standing while looking directly at the camera always work best.

Tipe #4 - Unique Qualities

Every pet has something that makes then unique. The photo you select should highlight these qualities!

If your pet has special markings, vibrant eye colors, floppy ears, or any other recognizable qualities be sure the photo you select shows them off.

Need help selecting a photo?

☆ You can upload up to 5 photos when placing an order. If you upload more than one photo of your pet our artists will select the best one to work from.

☆ Chat with or email us anytime, we are happy to help!